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[S2E3] Luck Be A Lady

The contest goes on for far longer than the host and the company director were expecting, and as such, the three remaining names are drawn out of a hat. Sachini wins by pure, dumb luck. However, she Sachini drives her new motor home for the whole family to admire. Once there, she picks up her father, who heads out for a drive with her, heading over the bridge and spending time together just like in the past.

[S2E3] Luck Be a Lady

Dewey arrives at the bar to find Boyd drinking. Dewey is ecstatic. He is so happy that he tells Boyd exactly what he has done. "If you had any smarts, you'd get in your car and start driving," Boyd says. "If you stay here, you're not long for this Earth, son." Boyd tells Dewey "good luck" and exits.

In the morning, Troy kicks a sleeping Clementine to wake her up. He tells her that Carver is going to debrief the group. Carver arrives, with Troy, Tavia, and another guard standing watch. He will go on to explain the herd situation, giving a status update and a heads-up to be mindful when outside the walls. Carver will mention that while the group may be sore over the previous night's events, it is in the past and that they must move forward. He will go on to state that whether the survivors are new to the community, or members who have went astray, they can all find redemption through hard labor, proving their worth once more. Depending on whether or not Reggie gets in trouble the night prior, Carver will make mention of it; either telling Reggie that he is nearly back into the group, and will be welcomed back with open arms if he continues to keep up the good work, or mentioning that even though Reggie slipped up last night, he shouldn't lose hope, and that today will be a "test" for him, and tells the other survivors to wish him the best of luck. Carver then begins to give each survivor their assignments for the day.

When several Faith Militant members led by Lancel show up at the Red Keep demanding that Cersei come with them to the Great Sept of Baelor, Cersei allows the Mountain to demonstrate his full strength by ripping the head of one of the Sparrows clean off his body. The rest of the group wisely decides to leave without trying their luck against him. 041b061a72

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