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Bcc 8 Ofx Serial Number

BCC 8 OFX Serial Number: How to Activate and Use BCC 8 OFX Filters in Sony Vegas Pro

BCC 8 OFX is a collection of professional video effects plugins for Sony Vegas Pro, developed by Boris FX. BCC 8 OFX offers over 200 filters, including 3D extrusions, particle effects, lens flares, film looks, color correction, keying, and more. BCC 8 OFX can enhance your video editing and compositing workflow, and help you create stunning visual effects for your projects.

In order to use BCC 8 OFX filters in Sony Vegas Pro, you need to activate them with a serial number. A serial number is a unique code that identifies your product and allows you to unlock its full functionality. You can obtain a serial number by purchasing BCC 8 OFX from the Boris FX website, or by requesting a free trial. Once you have a serial number, you can follow these steps to activate and use BCC 8 OFX filters in Sony Vegas Pro:

Download Zip:

  • Launch Sony Vegas Pro and open a project.

  • Go to the Video FX tab and locate the BCC OFX category. You should see a list of BCC 8 OFX filters available for use.

  • Drag and drop a BCC 8 OFX filter onto a video clip on the timeline. A registration dialog will appear, asking you to enter your serial number.

  • Enter your serial number in the text box and click OK. The registration dialog will close and the filter will be applied to the clip.

  • To adjust the filter parameters, go to the Video Event FX window and use the controls provided. You can also use the on-screen widgets to manipulate the filter directly on the preview window.

  • To save your filter settings as a preset, click on the Save Preset button at the bottom of the Video Event FX window. You can name your preset and choose a category to store it in.

  • To apply your preset to another clip, drag and drop it from the Presets tab onto the clip. You can also use the Load Preset button to browse and select a preset from your computer.

By following these steps, you can activate and use BCC 8 OFX filters in Sony Vegas Pro. BCC 8 OFX filters can help you create amazing video effects with ease and flexibility. For more information about BCC 8 OFX features, compatibility, and tutorials, please visit the Boris FX website.

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