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**will be available September 2024**


- custom in-ear monitors for musicians, singers, and audiophiles

- includes 1 pair of custom in-ears, case, brush cable 120cm 4core, and click adapter from jack 3.5mm to plug 6.3mm

- NOTE: to make your custom in-ears, we need impressions of ear


Sensitivity: 103DB/1KHz

Impedance: 20Ω

Frequency Range: 20-20K HZ

Balanced Key signature 1 low 2 mid-high

Juicy Moldz

  • 25-30 business days from the time we recieve in-ear impressions

  • After visiting your local audiologist and getting your impressions done, please package and ship them to the following address so we can begin working on your Juicy Moldz:

    Juice's Music Shop

    PO Box 800

    Riverside, CA 92502


    click for custom moldz guidelines for audiologists

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